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Business Lessons From Microsoft CEO Bill Gates

Business Lessons from Microsoft CEO Bill Gates

Microsoft had certainly a run like no other company on the market, and this is primarily due to its CEO, the famous Bill Gates. Through a combination of relentless focus, strategic brilliance and sheer determination, Bill Gates helped his company leverage the true power of computers, breaching the market by creating the legendary Windows for Pc. Moreover, Microsoft invented Internet Explorer, Office and BackOffice due to Gates’ persistence in creating top-notch services that could stand on top of today’s market trends.


Bill Gates Secrets

Even if Bill Gates dropped out of the reputable Harvard University in 1974, the next year he created the most innovative company in the world, called Microsoft, that would make Gates become one of the most wealthiest men in the whole world. Today, even if Bill Gates is no longer the most rich man on the planet, he still is worth $59 billion.  He left behind a true heritage consisting of business lessons that can help any entrepreneur keep his head above water and give his competitors a run for their money.

Some of the biggest secrets of Bill Gates are:

– An Integrated Strategy. Bill Gates managed to dominate each segment of the market by leveraging the power of developer tools and common linked functions.  By emulating their competitor’s offers and by extending them with breakthrough additions, the company ruled by Gates managed to extinguish its competitors.

– Developers.  Bill Gates always saw developers as a must for their success.

– Platform Homogeneity. The platform Bill Gates created for Microsoft was designed to complement all the brands they were working with, such as HP, Dell or Toshiba.

– Focus on More Segments.  Another secret of Bill Gates is that he has never embraced commoditization. In other words, he focused on several markets, being always available for new opportunities.

– Always Ready to Win. Lastly, one of the greatest successes of Bill Gates is that he had a positive mindset and an aggressive nature that wouldn’t permit him to give up, no matter how hard it could have been.

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Top Business Lessons From Microsoft CEO Bill Gates

Bill Gates was an extraordinary man indeed, being considered one of the smartest business people alive. We can learn a lot of life lessons from him. Some of the most important are:

– Find Your Own Luck. First and foremost, Bill Gates realized that you need a touch of luck to thrive in life, and especially in the business world. His luck was that in 1968 very few people had access to a computer lab, not to mention 13-years old kids (he was 13 that year). He knew how to make the most out of the chances he was given by dedicating his life to understanding computers and technology.

– Quality Control. Another thing we can learn from the amazing life of Bill Gates is to have an eye for detail. Bill was quite keen on double checking everything his company made, so he often reviewed and even rewrote a line of code that wasn’t appropriate. Because of his passion for work, Microsoft become famous for its quality software.

– Never Tell a Secret. Bill Gates always kept his secrets for himself, and his revolutionary ideas are still creating a buzz all across the business industry. If you’ve got a unique and revolutionary idea, try to keep it for yourself. Just start and develop it and then you will be able to watch the results.

– Perseverance. An extremely important business lesson from Microsoft CEO Bill Gates is to persevere. As a matter of fact, Windows 1.0 wasn’t much of a success, but Gates persevered, and in 1990 when he launched the third version, the company sold over 10 million units and made millions of dollars in profit. Exactly as Gates found the secret to transform his company into a computer software giant, you can find the best ways to accomplish your goals if you persevere.

– Simplify the Marketing. Lastly, one business lesson from Bill Gates we all need to learn and to apply in our businesses is to know what really marketing is. The truth is that usually people don’t buy a product or a service due to its fame or low price, but because they have a need and that product will solve it. The most important aspect of marketing is to provide the best solution to an actual problem.

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Bill Gates is certainly a model for most marketers and managers today, and his business lessons could be extremely helpful to any entrepreneur who wants to thrive in today’s harsh economy. Therefore, try to make the most out of his ideas and secrets.

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