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4 Ways to Motivate your Employees

4 fun ways to Motivate your Employees

Four Fun ways to Motivate your Employees.

When it comes to work, most people can think of a whole lot of things they would rather be doing than, sitting in the office all day doing work or answering the phone. And while this certainly won’t change for some people no matter what you do, here are four fun ways to motivate your employees and keep them moving forward without needing to put too much into it, or cost too much time and effort on your behalf.


Here are just a few of the ways that you can motivate your employees to ensure that they stay passionate about their jobs, well-balanced at work, and fired up about what’s to come in the office, no matter what industry you may be in!

Did Somebody Say Game Day?
Game days and fun field trips aren’t just for school any more, and while you don’t need to be quite as juvenile as, say, a third grade class at a local elementary school, who says you can’t have a little fun on a half day outing? Whether it’s renting out a bowling alley, or getting your employees back into the swing of things with a fun game day of some type, these tactics can really increase productivity and make you a popular boss to boot!

Decorate the Office
Decorating the office does more than you think for employee morale, motivation, and enjoyment of their work lifestyle. From painting the walls to decorating rooms with flair and design ideas can go a long way; after all, haven’t you seen the movie Office Space? Who would want to work in an office like that? A decorated, modern and energetic office can feed off itself and produce motivated, energetic employees who are professional and attentive.

Dress-Up Days, Anyone?
Fun dress-up days don’t have much to do with the work itself, of course, but they can go a long way when it comes to boosting employee morale and making it so your employees link up tighter and form better bonds with each other through fun activities like this. In turn, then, your employees become more productive and communicate better on work projects and producing results, which really impacts the bottom line in any industry.

Relax, Relax, Relax
Finally, and maybe most importantly, you’ve got to chill out. This doesn’t mean not caring if an employee comes in late, but understand the value being relaxed, calm, professional and laid back can have on your employees in a good way. An uptight boss is not a fun boss, and worse than that, an uptight boss is not an effective boss. So chill out, calm down, and approach your employees as a human and friend first, and a boss second. You’ll find they become more motivated and receptive almost overnight.

It can be difficult to create a fun workplace atmosphere, but it is possible, and with the right attitude and work, you can make it happen. When you do, watch that productivity soar as your employees enjoy coming to work more and more!

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